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Would you like to know what requirements pasture farming has to fulfil? Or how to become a member of the Pasture-Fed Meat Producers' Association? What are the advantages of your membership? How could you also participate? What is the special quality of pasture-raised meat?

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Stationary farm slaughter and mobile farm slaughter with meadock® are concepts that make animal welfare and slaughter without stress possible. Long transports of the slaughtered animals are no longer necessary. The special feature of Hofschlachtung Hensen's offer is the comprehensive all-in-one solution for this need. The company's services range from technical products and the installation of slaughtering facilities on the farm or in the meadock, through commodity management and sales tools, to advice on the concept, business plan or application and tendering process.

The development of the mobile slaughterhouse has been supported by funding from the EU and the Hunsrück Local Action Group (LAG). It became clear that the state government of Rhineland-Palatinate explicitly supports projects that aim to slaughter animals close to the farm and thus avoid animal transport to the slaughterhouse. It is also crucial that agricultural production and value creation can be maintained and promoted.

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With passion: Claus Hensen has been a hunter since 1992 and manages his farm ecologically. He breeds red deer and fallow deer as well as herdbook-managed Glan cattle.

For fallow deer and red deer husbandry, he ran his own EU-approved slaughter and cutting plant on the farm even before cattle husbandry. The idea of on-farm slaughtering for grazing cattle stems from his experience with game farming. Claus Hensen now offers this possibility to other farmers with the meadock.

Since 2016, Hensen has been intensively involved with farm and pasture slaughter solutions, especially with the complete solution of mobile farm slaughter with meadock, which will be ready for the market in 2020.


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