Farmyard slaughter systems

Slaughtering, cutting and processing at pasture and on the farm is the optimal concept for farmers and butchers who want to make a difference.

Hofschlachtsysteme Hensen from Essen offers everything for mobile farm slaughtering as well as the fully comprehensive set-up and installation of a stationary farm slaughtering plant with the specially developed meadock® slaughtering and cutting plant including ripening chamber.

The concept: self-sufficient, economical and gentle slaughtering

Farm slaughter has many advantages: The animals do not have to be transported to the slaughterhouse and remain in their familiar surroundings for life. They can be slaughtered without stress. Cutting and processing takes place directly on the farm - in the mobile slaughter and cutting plant including a maturing chamber or in a stationary slaughter plant. This is good for the animal, but also for the meat. The animal remains without fear until the end and thus provides higher quality meat, as no stress hormones are released. This gentle method of (mobile) slaughtering is also economically attractive due to the increase in value of the end product and accompanying cooperations such as possible membership in the producer association and subsidies.

Hofschlachtsysteme Hensen has developed, among other things, the mobile complete solution meadock for this concept. The meadock®, a high-tech trailer equipped to the highest industrial standards, comes to the farm as a ten-tonne truck. A large overseas refrigerated container can be supplied and remain there if necessary. Merchandise management and distribution can be handled by a producer association that offers the high-quality meat online under the brand name

meadock® is the mobile solution for those who do not have or do not want to install slaughtering equipment on site. Butchers, farms or machinery rings can join forces and share use and costs. The concept is also interesting for farms that want to convert to extensive animal husbandry, as the animals no longer have to leave the farm and be transported for slaughter.

The solution

The solution offered by Hofschlachtsysteme Hensen with the meadock® slaughter mobile or even the establishment of a stationary slaughter plant on site is a new, sustainable approach and makes a rethink of meat production possible. Farmers and butchers can namely act completely self-determined and in the sense of animal welfare: They decide when the animal is slaughtered and can take their time and the necessary peace for their craft so that the procedure is as efficient and stress-free as possible for humans and animals.

The result: High-quality, but also particularly sustainably produced meat and a higher overall yield. In economic terms, the meadock® can thus be completely monetised after only two years.

"Our concept will prove itself in practice because it enables an independent, self-reliant way of working for the welfare of the animal and means double to triple profitability," says Claus Hensen. "Together with good partners, we have developed the basis for this new approach in the last phase of meat production in recent years. I am pleased to present our result for a complete solution for mobile and stationary farm slaughter to the industry."

Our premises for (mobile) farm slaughter:


The animal can remain in its familiar environment.


The animal does not need to be transported.


The animal can be slaughtered without foreboding and stress.


The animal is processed into the best meat according to all modern, hygienic and legal aspects.


The concept is nationally transferable and makes commercial sense.


The concept is good for people, animals and the environment and at the same time increases the added value of all actors involved.

The user only needs a water and power connection and the usual consumables, otherwise the meadock includes all the processes of the usual slaughter and cutting plant, including the ripening chamber. The cold chain is maintained at all relevant stages, traceability and transparency from the producer to the end product are guaranteed.

A particular advantage of the meadock® is that it can be completely customised - there is a suitable solution for every requirement.

If required, Hofschlachtsysteme Hensen can also assist with the planning of the necessary foundations and the preparation of applications for permits and subsidies.