"Farm slaughter is good for the animal, but also for the meat.
This brings added value and makes complete solutions such as stationary or mobile slaughtering with meadock® economical.

Claus Hensen

Hofschlachtsysteme Hensen GmbH

Hofschlachtsysteme Hensen GmbH in Ohlweiler was founded in the summer of 2020. Managing director and company founder Claus Hensen has thus consistently implemented his concern for the gentle slaughter of cattle and pigs.

Hofschlachtsysteme Hensen provides support with a comprehensive range of technical equipment and facilities for stationary or mobile farm slaughtering, right through to merchandise management for the slaughter products. Distribution is available through membership in the producer association weidefleisch.bio and via an associated online shop.

The range of services extends from concept and planning to execution and installation, training and commissioning. If required, Hofschlachtsysteme Hensen also provides support with applications and tenders or business plans and analyses.

Especially with the innovative concept of mobile farm slaughtering, but also through the principle of the convenient complete solution for farm slaughtering, the company is realising a rethink in the final phase of meat production.

"We want our solution of stress-free slaughtering for animals to find more and more supporters. In this way we show respect for the animal and increase the added value," says Hensen.

In the meadock®, the mobile slaughter and cutting plant incl. maturing chamber, all services are possible on site at the farm: The ten-tonne high-tech slaughter trailer has been realised in cooperation with the renowned vehicle manufacturer Kotschenreuther from Wallenfels.

With the meadock®, farmers and butchers without their own slaughter facility have an all-round solution for pasture and farm slaughter for the first time. Several farms or a machinery ring can share the costs and use of the slaughter mobile. All pasture-raised meat products can be sold on request under the weidefleisch.de brand via the shop of the same name or via the farm shop. Meat products from pasture husbandry and farm slaughter can be sold at higher prices, as they bring real added value.

Weidefleisch GmbH, based in Essen, is a producer and purchasing association of farmers who keep farm animals on pasture. No animals are transported for slaughter. The members have joined forces for the purpose of species-appropriate animal husbandry and the joint marketing of pasture-raised meat. Initiator Claus Hensen on the community: "Through the cooperating Erzeugergemeinschaft Weidefleisch GmbH, affiliated companies can access support for direct marketing as well as framework contracts for packaging, software or logistics contracts."


With the complete solution of farmyard slaughtering and especially the meadock® for mobile farmyard slaughtering, Hofschlachtsysteme Hensen creates for the first time a sustainable and economic possibility to extend mobile farmyard slaughtering to cutting and distribution and many other services for better added value. This brings enormous added value to farmers and butchers. The extra services of the affiliated producer association weidefleisch.bio contribute to making pasture farming and slaughtering economically viable.

On this basis, further innovative tools are to be developed in the future to support this form of gentle farm slaughtering.

The clear objective of Hofschlachtsysteme Hensen is to make gentle farm slaughtering more and more attractive. In this way, a rethink can take place in meat production - but ultimately also among consumers - and interested farmers and butchers have a real alternative to conventional slaughter.